Bacalar Village

This Magical Village offers endless water and sports activities such as jet-ski, water-ski or you may want to be more comfortable on board a floating pontoon or boat, or maybe you would rather enjoy the speed of the air on a  hobie cat  or sailboat.


The difference between Winter and Summer temperature is small, generally less humidity and rain in the winter. Temperature averages 30’C / 85’F all year round. Almost always we have a pleasant breeze coming from the lagoon that makes the temperature enjoyable. 

Bacalar a Pueblo Magico surely is a paradise in the south of the State of Quintana Roo. Who could imagine that in this idyllic and relaxed magical village, tragedy, blood and war ensued. As strange at it may seem, Bacalar’s history is full of great battles between pirates and local residents, as well as Mayans and looters of natural resources. The only witness to these events is a 400-year old fort that remains in position at the banks of the lagoon. But let us leave the past behind and move on to paradise.

Only 4 hours away from Playa del Carmen, this fresh water and crystalline lagoon is considered among visitors as one of the most beautiful in Mexico, and I dare say of the world for its spectacular turquoise colors, its perfect location for thousands of migratory birds that watch over the nutrient rich mangroves and food, its stromatolites (one of the oldest indications of life on Earth. Wow!) and easiness to practice any watersport. For those who love paddle boarding and kayaking, this is a highly recommended place.

Fuerte de San Felipe – Tour the Fort

The Fort of San Felipe is over 270 years old, offers some of the most spectacular views of the lake, and provides visitors a rich view into the history of Bacalar and the surrounding area. Open everyday 9am – 7pm (closed Mondays) $100mxn per person.

A new day and a natural sight are about to happen: dawn. Imagine a lagoon so serene that you may see your reflection while the sun rises right before you, bathing you in hues of pink, purple, orange and yellow. As hours go by we find one, two, three. . . wow! Seven blue shades that will blow away your senses.

Let’s tour the lagoon where you will swim in the different open cenotes (waterholes) known as “Cenote Negro” for its 90mts depth, the “Cenote Esmeralda” and “Cenote Cocalitos”.

Do you need to relax and forget about the world? Count on it. In Bacalar there are many unspoiled natural settings ideal for meditation, reading, yoga or pampering in a Spa. Discover this earthly paradise in the Great Mayan Coast.

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